Thai food and wine. Both complex and delicious – but how do you put them together! Follow this guide to order the perfect glass with your next Thai dinner.

Best Option: Riesling

Reislings offer tropical fruit flavors, balances with acidity and sweetness will cut the spice of your Thai food. Even better if you find a Riesling that has jasmine notes. A low ABV will keep the spiciness under control if you’re sensitive to heat.

Goes great with: Pad Thai

Second Option: Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio

A viable alternative to Riesling, Pinot Gris has less-intense tropical fruit flavors and more subtle acidity. Seek out one with spice notes of clove and ginger, as well as a long, tingly finish.

Third Option: Pinot Noir

Fruit-forward and acidic characteristics aren’t limited to just white wines. A fruity, low ABV pinot noir is a great option.

Goes great with: Pad See Ew

Fourth Option: Sparkling Rose

The fruity pink sparkle is a fun drink that’s also fun to enjoy with Thai food! Fruity and sweet, it goes great with almost anything.

Goes great with: Thai Spring Rolls