Pad Thai is a stir-fry dish comprising of rice noodles, tofu, bean sprouts and egg and is one of Thailand’s best-known dishes. It is beloved in America, and is one of the favorite items on our menu.

“Whenever we try Thai food,” chef and Thailand native Nick Srisawat revealed, “we try pad Thai first, because that is a way to judge how good a restaurant is.” Pad Thai is a staple of Bangkok street food and sold in small, Thai villages.

The dish has origins in China, but with a Thai influence. Noodles and stir-frying are very Chinese, and immigration likely brought the practice to Siam. Flavors like tamarind, palm sugar, and chilies were the Thai twists.

Soft rice noodles are flavored with a balance of sugar, tamarind, lime juice or vinegar and fish sauce. The addition of the following ingredients depends upon what is available to the cook: pork, chicken, and/or egg, firm tofu, shrimp, crunchy bean sprouts, roasted peanuts and salty pickled radish.

You can’t go wrong with a steaming dish of pad thai noodles. Eat it family style with curry, vegetables, and other delicious dishes for a true Thai feast.  Order it next time you visit – you won’t be disappointed.