Next time you visit us, try ordering some classic Thai comfort food! Pad See Ew, which means “stir fried soy sauce noodles, is an extremely popular Thai street food meal and is a standard lunch fare among Thais. It is also one of the most popular noodle dishes at Thai restaurants in Western countries. This delicious dish combines rice noodles, chinese broccoli, egg, your choice of meat, and a sweet sauce.


Pad See Ew is traditionally made with Sen Yai, which are wide, thin fresh rice noodles. It can also be made with dried rice noodles. The other key authentic ingredient in this is Chinese Broccoli, otherwise known as Gai Lan or Kai lan. It’s leafy and looks quite different to broccoli, but you’ll notice a similarity in the texture of the stems.


Pork, chicken, or beef all taste excellent in Pad See Ew, so it’s up to you to decide! Pork is a more traditional option, but chicken is great for those looking for a leaner meal.


The sauce is made of a combination of light soy sauce and dark soy sauce. Dark soy sauce gives the noodles the color while light soy sauce seasons the dish.


If you prefer your food to be spicy, add some chili sauce at the table to reach the perfect spice level! Thai food is highly customizable, especially Pad See Ew.