A day at a floating market in Thailand will leave those unfamiliar with this lifestyle feeling that they are in a different world. Thin canals crammed with local friendly vendors speaking in Thai, selling a wide variety of food and goods from their boats is a sight that must be seen when visiting Thailand. Though other Asian countries like Indonesia and Vietnam have floating markets too, none can compare to experience you will receive in Thailand.

Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia are usually where you will find floating markets. Today they are mostly tourist traps, showing off the delicious foods and souvenirs of these amazing country. However, historically these floating markets were not for tourists, but The Chao Phraya River which runs through Bangkok was a vital artery of this beautiful city. The water made it possible for the people in Thailand to travel and to be able to sell their goods. Since jungle was mainly what the now urban Bangkok was, these floating markets where the best way to make it possible for vendors to sell their wares and make money to both regional and international customers. Though roads and other transportation methods became available over the course of the years, these canals are still a popular way to trade throughout Thailand.

Out of the many floating markets around Bangkok, just an hour outside the city is the most popular, The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Mainly filled with tourists, it is one that you do not want to miss.  You will want to arrive early, think 7 am before all the tourists begin to show up. Tours are also available and allow you to explore all day long. Depending on the tour you select, some might even include a long-tail boat rides to the floating market. This gives you the chance to see things you may miss while on foot, like plantations and remote villages.

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