Have you tried our veggie spring rolls? They are a perfect appetizer for a group while you’re waiting for an appetizer, or just as a mid-afternoon snack! The Thaiphoon mixed veggie spring rolls are deep fried with a sweet chili dipping sauce.


Thai Spring Rolls can be found throughout the streets of main Thai cities from small stalls. Traditionally, they are served with sett chili sauce, just like our dish! The vendors who sell them typically also sell deep fried tofu triangles, fried shredded taro cakes, fried shredded turnip cakes and fried corn cakes


These delicious little treats are filled with a variety of vegetables, including carrots, cucumbers, mushrooms, and bean sprouts. Then, they are tightly wrapped in wheat Thai spring roll wrappers. They are deep fried while the sauce is made, and voila! A delicious treat packed with vegetables and flavor. Try the spring rolls next time you visit Thaiphoon!