One of the best types of dishes found in Thai cuisine is a curry. Each curry is served with a side of Jasmine rice for a delicious meal you’ll want to order again and again. But with so many options, how do you know which to order?


Massamun Curry

Expect to find potatoes, roasted peanuts and beef in this fragrant curry. The word “Mussaman” in Thai means “Muslim,” and this curry is based on a similar Persian dish. Look for a pungent aroma from the combination of coriander, cumin, cloves, ginger and cinnamon. The flavors of this curry are slightly sweet and sour from tamarind sauce.


Red Curry

Red curry gets its color from lots of red chilies, which are crushed with garlic, shallots, blue ginger, lemongrass and shrimp or fish paste.. The curry paste is mixed with coconut milk to create the curry sauce.


Green Curry

This curry leads with a sweet flavor, followed by a little heat from chilies and salty umami from the fish sauce. What’s essential to know is that all Thai curries start with different curry pastes made up of entirely different combinations of fresh herbs and spices.


Panang Curry

Panang tastes like Thai red curry but has additional coconut milk that makes it thicker and richer. Compared to Thai red curry, Panang is mildly spicy and sweet.