At ThaiPhoon VA, we are able to provide not only delicious, traditional Thai cuisine, but give you a taste of the Thai culture. Our beautiful atmosphere will help you feel immersed in our culture and learn more about Thailand.

The Whole Crispy Flounder is a market price fish dish available on our lunch main menu. With this delicious whole fish, you have your choice of two housemade sauces, both with their own unique flavors.

The first sauce is chili, basil, and garlic sauce. This spicy option will give the fish some heat, making it absolutely delicious and all-around super fresh tasting. The basil and garlic in the sauce add some complexity, cutting the heat just a little bit.

The second sauce is a mushroom, ginger, and black bean sauce. This is an especially great option for lunchtime, with the garden and herby flavors it has. The black beans add some delicious fiber so it’s even more nutritious.

We have lunch and dinner options on our menu, with many options for every tastebud. If you’re looking for something spicy, we have several dishes to choose from. We also have sweet and sour options, as well as savory dishes.

Take a look at our website to view our menus, for lunch appetizers and entrees and dinner appetizers and entrees. We also have a great drink menu.

We take reservations and walk-ins. To make a reservation, call us at 703-413-8200. Or you can visit our website at to make a reservation.