The New Year means it’s a fresh start. Why not take a lighter start this year? You can start by having our Tom Yum soup. It’s the perfect lunch time meal that will help your year get off to a good start. The combination of sour and spicy is perfect in this meal. This hot and sour lemongrass soup is combined with fresh spicy chilies and kaffir lime leaves.

In English speaking cultures, the kaffir lime is known as the makrut lime. Either way you say it, this lime is a fruit native to our Tropic Asia, where Thailand is located. It is the perfect addition to any Thai meal, especially when combined with chilies. The Tom Yum soup is so delicious with its combination of three prominent flavor types (sour, spicy, and citrus) to combine a beautiful flavor profile, with increasing complexity with every bite.

Tom Yum soup is the perfect appetizer or entrée, depending on how hungry you are, of course. It is a great start to a meal, or it can be a meal all of its own, especially if you’re looking to keep it light this brand new year.

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