This winter, be sure to stay warm. With the colder weather already in full gear, a great way to warm your bones is with our Thaiphoon Soup. The Thaiphoon Soup is a spicy and sour seafood soup seasoned with lemongrass, basil leaves, tomato, and mushroom. Not only will the temperature of the soup make you warm, but so will the spice of the soup.

The Thaiphoon soup has a combination of spice and sour. These both go wonderfully with the seafood mix, making each spoonful unique and full of different flavors. The combination of the seasoning, the lemongrass and the basil leaves, a little earthy citrus flavor is added. The tomato and mushroom also add their own earthy appeal and pair beautifully with the flavor and texture of the seafood in the soup. Thaiphoon Soup will keep you warm and your taste buds happy. It is the perfect starter to a dish as winter is about to be here and it’s going to be colder and colder every day.

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