This summer, make sure you are trying new things. Picking up a new activity is fun, but sometimes just trying some new cuisine is a great way to keep things fresh!

What’s more exciting and new than the Shredded Roasted Duck Salad. Just ordering it makes you sound fancy and well-versed in cuisine-ise. The Shredded Roasted Duck Salad is fresh ginger, scallions, and celery combined with a blend of roasted chili paste and lime dressing on a bountiful bed of fresh from the garden mixed greens. Be careful, though!

This salad is so full of bold spicy flavor that you might like it too much! The Shredded Roasted Duck Salad has so many components that bring this lunch appetizer dish to life. The vegetables and ginger and scallions create a texture and flavor explosion. Every bite is different amounts of crunch and bold flavor.

Spice and citrus are combined to create an over the top flavor experience with the roasted chili paste and lime dressing. You will love this dish. It’s even greater with a delicious, sweet cocktail or wine available on our drink list.

This appetizer is a great way to make your summer feel fresh and crisp and light, just like the actual salad itself.

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