If you’ve gone all summer without the luxury of being able to take a tropical vacation, you’re not alone. However, believe it or not, ThaiPhoon can help! We can at least give you the flavors of that tropical vacation with our Pineapple Fried Rice dish.

This is a tropical style fried rice, stir fried with chicken, shrimp, as well as pineapple, carrot, onion, scallion, tomatoes, and egg. Doesn’t that just sound delicious? It’s, in our opinion, better than an actual trip to the tropics.

This dish is jam packed with flavor. First, you have that combination of chicken and shrimp. You can sometimes get bored with one-meat entrees, but this one gives you two. Chicken and shrimp are so delicious and are cooked to perfection. Carrots, onion, and scallion are usually staples in fried rice options. They give you that traditional flavor in fried rice dishes customary to Asian and Thai cuisine. The addition of tomato and egg bring it to another level, though. The tomato offers a sweetness and the egg offers a complexity that you wouldn’t otherwise have. Then, when you add the pineapple, it’s really a unique creation. The sweet and sour of the pineapple make this dish over the top. Every bite is different and delicious.

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