In Thai culture, as well as in many other Asian countries, curry is an important part of our cuisine. From one country to the next, curry is made different. There are many types and flavors of curry, which makes it even greater. Thai curry is an especially delicious type. As you may know, ThaiPhoonVA @ Pentagon Row offers several different kinds of curry just on our menu.

One of our customer favorites is the Panang Curry. This dish mixes several Thai components to create a beautiful harmony of flavors that will show you what a traditional Asian curry can be. The Panang Curry is great because it is a mild spicy flavor, so the spiciness won’t overwhelm you. This allows you to taste the other flavors of the dish without focusing on the spice. If super-spicy is your thing, don’t worry, though, we have plenty of that on our menu, too!

The Panang Curry is made with coconut milk and peanuts, which are two staples in Thai cuisine. You can have this dish made to order with chicken, beef, or pork. Or for a little extra, you can even have the Panang Curry made with seafood.  The meat, along with the curry, makes for an absolutely delicious meal that you will be so happy you tried.

This dish, which is available on our lunch appetizer menu, will make your taste buds explode with happiness. It is so good that it is sure to be your new favorite food item of all time.

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