Pa Ram Long Song may sound funny, but the dish is anything but. Pa Ram Long Song is a customer and staff favorite and for good reason. This dish consists of sautéed chicken in a light yellow curry sauce on a bed of steamed napa, carrot, and broccoli, and then it’s topped with peanut sauce. The sautéed chicken is such a key to the deliciousness of this dish. It is prepared to perfection, and cooked absolutely deliciously. The light yellow curry sauce is the perfect amount of flavor. It’s a sweeter variety of curry and is incredibly aromatic. The vegetables of this dish are where the texture component comes in. You know what carrots and broccoli are – they’re both traditional vegetables in many cultures, and, when prepared perfectly such as in this dish, they are absolutely delicious. Napa, however, might not be as familiar to you. Napa is a type of cabbage, which is longer and more oval shaped than traditional cabbage. It is very popular in Asian cuisine, and it is high in vitamins, minerals, as well as taste.

Pa Ram Long Song is a very delicious item on our menu. The flavors flow together to create a beautiful dish that’s, for good reason, a fan favorite.

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