As you probably know, curry is an important part of Asian, and specifically Thai, cuisine and culture. At our restaurant alone, we offer several varieties, including green curry and panang curry. One of our favorites, which is listed on the lunch appetizer menu, is Duck Curry.

The Duck Curry has a level two rating of spiciness as indicated on our menu, making it a medium- hot dish. This dish consists of roasted duck in a medium spiced red curry. It is roasted with sweet pineapple, bell pepper, basil, and garden fresh cherry tomatoes. The sweetness of the pineapples and tomatoes combines beautifully with the heat of the curry. Adding the basil gives it an earthy herb flavor that you will find is a wonderful combination. The bell pepper not only gives a great texture, but is a necessary component to bring everything together to make a completely flavorful and satisfying curry dish. Try our Duck Curry at your next visit here to get a taste of our Thai culture.

At ThaiPhoonVA @ Pentagon Row, we specialize in making a great Thai experience for all our guests. At our restaurant, you’re more than a customer. You’re family. We want to make sure you are immersed in our culture, so we make it a point to have a great atmosphere and satiating food that will make you think you are in Thailand.

We take reservations and walk-ins. To make a reservation, call us at 703-413-8200. Or you can visit our website at to make a reservation.