If you’re up for feeling a little adventurous this fall and want to try foods that you haven’t had before and that you don’t see at just any restaurant, our Duck Curry is exactly up your alley.

This is a unique dish that isn’t on everyone else’s menu, and it is a great option to keep you warm in these cooler months. The Duck Curry is roasted duck in a medium spiced red curry with pineapple, bell pepper, basil, and cherry tomatoes. You will find that the heat of the curry is the perfect heat – not too spicy, but way more than just mild. It is actually perfect. The pineapple, of course, goes in perfect harmony with the duck and brings the sweet to the spicy of the curry. Basil is the perfect herb in this dish as it brings that earthiness it needs, and the textures that the bell pepper and cherry tomatoes bring, along with their flavors, of course, will create a unique sensation in your mouth that can only be described as heavenly.

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