If you love a good noodle dish, you’re going to love our take: Drunken Noodle. This dish consists of wide rice noodle stir fried with fiery green chilies, garlic, basil, onions, and tomatoes. This item has a two-star rating for spiciness, which means if think “the hotter the better,” you are going to love it. The green chilies give the perfect amount of heat without making it overpowering. With the Drunken Noodle, you have your choice of meat: chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp. You can also make this entrée vegetarian. The Drunken Noodle is the perfect dish for those who love the spiciness of hot green chilies and the herby flavor of basil and garlic. This dish is a great sample of Thai culture, especially with the wide rice noodle, traditional to Asian cuisine and culture.

Thaiphoon @ Pentagon Row has a wonderful menu of great items for lunch and dinner. We also have a terrific wine and cocktail list to pair any of our delicious food items.

At Thaiphoon @ Pentagon Row, we have a full menu of delicious items that will satiate your appetite. You will also be impressed with the cultural ambiance surrounding you. Combined, the food and atmosphere will leave you left with the best dining experience of your life.

We take reservations and walk-ins. To make a reservation, call us at 703-413-8200. Or you can visit our website at http://thaiphoonva.com/ to make a reservation.