If you’re tired of the traditional meal at restaurants, you aren’t alone! Many people get tired of the usual beef, pork, chicken or seafood dishes. Take a break from the usual with something exotic – duck! At Thaipoon @ Pentagon Row, we offer a wonderful Crispy Duck dish that will excited about dining out again.

Available on our dinner menu, the Crispy Duck entree is marinated in a luscious garlic sauce. At Thaiphoon, we believe there’s no such thing as too much garlic! The dish is also topped with freshly ground pepper to give it a little kick to balance out the garlic-y flavor. Finally, it’s topped with perfectly crunchy basil leaves. This duck dish is sure to please. How exciting is it to have an exotic meat like duck once in a while? The marriage of flavors in this entree will make you wish you had tried duck a long time ago.

At Thaiphoon @ Pentagon Row, we also offer a complete wine menu. With this dish, we’d recommend our pinot noir. The creamy, red wine will pair beautifully with the gamey-ness of the bird. Give it a taste the next time you come in, and we know you won’t be disappointed.

There is nothing we love better than being able to bring a little taste of our country, Thailand, to America. Upon arriving at our restaurant, you will notice our cultural ambiance, and once you try our food, you will be completely amazed.

We take reservations and walk-ins. To make a reservation, call us at 703-413-8200. Or you can visit our website at http://thaiphoonva.com/ to make a reservation.