Sometimes, many people don’t go out to enjoy a meal away from home because they’re simply sick of the same old thing. Maybe you usually go for a hamburger, or a steak, or some grilled chicken. If you don’t leave your comfort zone, you’re not going to find the inspiration to try something new. When it comes to cuisine, a great way to try a new dish is by choosing a meat you may have never tried. We have the perfect solution: our Crispy Duck dish. By leaving your comfort zone to try duck, you will experience a world of flavors completely new to you.

The Crispy Duck entrée comes stir fried with ground pepper, garlic sauce, and is sprinkled with crunchy basil leaves. The textures alone are unique: the tenderness of the duck, the creaminess of the sauce, and the crunch of the basil combine to really make a satisfying meal.

Not only do we have a full lunch and dinner menu, but we have a great wine and drink list, and our atmosphere is perfect for a quality time with great food.

At ThaiPhoonVA @ Pentagon Row, we specialize in making a great Thai experience for all our guests. At our restaurant, you’re more than a customer. You’re family to us, and we want you to know it. We want to make sure you are immersed in our culture, so we make it a point to have a great atmosphere and satiating food that will make you think you are in Thailand.

We take reservations and walk-ins. To make a reservation, call us at 703-413-8200. Or you can visit our website at to make a reservation.