Thai food is such a popular option for people all over the world. It is one of the most popular foods and for good reason. It has a taste for almost every person’s palette and offers a wealth of health benefits. Whether you eat out at your favorite local Thai food restaurant or learn to make your favorite recipe at home, it is a delicious and healthy choice for any meal. Thai food is also a great option for vegetarians and vegans since many of the dishes contain predominately veggies, rice or noodles and blanketed with delicious sauces or curries.

Thai curries incorporate exotic spices and deliver out of this world flavor. They can easily be made at home and you can often find premade curry pastes at local stores. However, if you prefer to indulge your curry cravings at your favorite Arlington, VA Thai restaurant, we understand, because nothing tastes better than fresh curry! 

Since Thai curry recipes can incorporate any ingredients you desire, it makes a great flavor-packed option for vegans who would like to spice up their vegetables, your favorite meat substitute, Tofu or even some chopped sweet potatoes or pumpkin! Most curries are vegetarian/vegan-friendly and gluten-free. You should still check the label if you are purchasing premade curry paste since some manufacturers will use ingredients you may not want. 

Other vegetarian/vegan-friendly Thai dishes are the ever-popular Pad Thai dish. One of the most popular dishes in Thailand and abroad. But this is not the only noodle dish that is an option for vegans/vegetarians, most Thai restaurants will corporate several noodle dishes on their menu that are sure to delight your tastebuds and your dietary choices. 

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