In the mood for Asian food but just can’t decide what your taste buds are craving? Not all Asian food is the same, as some may think. Each region has specific flavors unique to them. Here in America, the most popular choices for Asian food are Chinese, Japanese, and Thai, with Chinese food listed as #1. However, are they really that different? Yes! Here we will explain a few of the differences between Chinese and Thai food. 

Thai food is considered healthier compared to Chinese food because the meals are generally lighter and they consider the aroma of food equally important as taste. Chinese food usually involves thicker sauces and oils compared to Thai food. Thai food also provides your tastebuds and your senses the experience very few other cuisines offer, the careful and delicate art of blending and mixing sweetness, bitterness, spice and saltiness, all in one dish! Thai food always utilizes fresh ingredients to deliver optimum taste.

Thailand is one of the largest suppliers of seafood to the United States. This is no surprise then why seafood is such a staple for protein and is incorporated in so many Thai dishes, while Chinese food often features pork as its protein. Dishes such as our Pad Thaiphoon would not be the same without its succulent shrimp, mussels, scallops, and squid. 

While Chinese food is not known for its spice, Thai food is! By using fresh peppers you get the most bang for your buck on the Thai spice scale. There are some Chinese dishes here in America which have some kick to them, but that is actually because there is a desire for it, but it is not typical of Chinese cuisine to be spicy. Also, the use of curries is very common for authentic Thai food, yet not usually incorporated in Chinese cuisine.

Though there are differences between all types of international cuisine, it is hard to argue that any other cuisine can deliver so many tastes, scents and health benefits as Thai food can. If you are looking for the best Thai food in the Arlington, VA area, look no further than Thaiphoon at Pentagon Row. We will dazzle your tastebuds and fill your senses with authentic Thai food. Give us a call today 703-413-8200 or come in and visit us.