Thailand is a beautiful country rich in tradition, nature, food, and culture. It is also not as well known as some other Asian countries. We would like to share some interesting facts about Thailand that you may not know.

Did you know that Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles”?

It may be because of the beautiful oceans, the breathtaking abundance of nature or the delicious food available that make Thai people so happy. They prefer harmony and peace which shows on each smiling face you pass by.

Did you know that Thailand was never a European Colony?

That’s right! No Europen Country ever colonized Thailand, making it the ONLY Southeast Asian country. Thailand translated to the Thai language actually means “Land of the Free”.

Did you know a specific breed of cat originated from Thailand?

Thailand was formerly known as Siam and was were Siamese cats originally came from. Once adored by Royalty, they have become a breed loved all over the world.

Did you know Red Bull Energy drink is based on a drink from Thailand?

The basis of the American energy drink star, Red Bull, is actually based on a very popular Thailand drink which has been around since 1976! Krating Daeng was modified for a more pleasing taste for the western world.

Did you know that Bangkok was once known as the “Venice of the East”?

That’s right! Many of the streets today were once river canals that were lined with buildings on stilts!  

Do you know the #1 exported crop of Thailand? It’s rice, which is a staple to many of the Thai dishes prepared in Thailand and those we serve here in Arlington VA, at Thaiphoon @ Pentagon Row. Now that you know a little more about Thailand, gather some friends and family together and come to Thaiphoon @ Pentagon Row to share smiles and a delicious meal.