Thai cuisine is some of the most unique in the world, and you’ll find dishes in a Thai street market that you can’t find anywhere else. While our restaurant serves many old favorites like Pad Thai and curries, there are a few dishes that are so unique, you won’t find them anywhere but in Thailand. Some popular dishes you can enjoy in Thailand include fried crickets, spicy eel soup and sun-dried squid to name a few. Here are some others:
Naam phrik num is a fiery green-chile relish made with beetles that’s popular in Northern Thailand. It is used as a dip for things like sticky rice, pork cracklings, and steamed vegetables.


Goong Den, which means “dancing shrimp” is made of, you guessed it, live shrimp! While eating live shrimp may be a strange sensation, the saltiness and pleasant crunch will leave you wanting more!


Deep-fried frog skin is a roadside favorite, with the crispy skin serving as a great late-night snack.


Larb Mote Daeng, which is larb made of red ants! Eat it blindfolded and you’ll never guess its made of red ants and their eggs. This tasty dish is swet and buttery, if you can forget you’re eating ants.


You won’t be able to order these unique dishes in our restaurant, but maybe it will inspire you to take a trip to Thailand to give them a try!