Thailand is an incredible country to visit. The scenery, the culture, the people, and not to mention the food! It’s a bucket-list destination you’ve got to check out. But before you visit, check out our tips to avoid any cultural mistakes while visiting Thailand.


Approach temples with respect
With their ornate details and ribbons of incense smoke, Thailand’s dreamy, magnificent temples are often high on tourists’ to-do lists. Remember to wear a shirt or pants that cover the knees and a shirt with sleeves. You must remove your shoes, so wear a pair that’s easy to take off. Upon entering, press your palms together and bow. Calmly take a seat in front of the Buddha’s image or shrine, pointing your toes to the side; never point your finger or your feet toward the Buddha. And keep a safe distance from any monks you see (inside a temple or even out on the street), as they cannot touch women, even accidentally.


Trust your hosts

Your hotel owners will be happy to help you adjust to the culture of Thailand. Your hotel concierge could share the best times to visit a temple based on its schedule of associated activities. A good hotel will also help you settle on a fair fee for a tuk-tuk ride or suggest a reliable car service.