There are so many delicious Thai dishes, that it’s hard to know where to start! Whether you’re a regular customer looking to spice things up, or curious what to order at your first visit, follow this guide!


Pad Thai

Say it like: Paht-THAI (not “pad” like “fad;” with a hard emphasis on the Th in “Thai”)

The dish: Probably the most well-known Thai dish, with stir-fried (“pad”) rice noodles, eggs, tamarind pulp, fish/soy sauce, chilies, bean sprouts, lime, peanuts and more.

Tom Yum

Say it like: Tome-YAHM (not your neighbor Tom, think of the “om” meditation noise)

The dish: A popular, hot-and-sour boiled (“tom”) soup with a mix (“yum”) of herbs and veggies like lemongrass, lime leaves, mushrooms, chilies and more.

Pad See Ew

Say it like: Paht-SEE-you (not like the expression of distaste “ew”)

The dish: A Chinese-influenced dish of stir-fried (“pad”) broad rice noodles with soy sauce (“see ew”), Chinese broccoli, egg and more.

Som Tum

Say it like: Sohm-TAHM (again, think of that “om” meditation noise)

The dish: A popular sour (“som”) salad of green papaya with chilies, garlic, salt, sugar and more, pounded (“tum”) in a mortar and pestle.


See you at dinner! All of these dishes are a delicious option for the whole family.