If you use to frequent your local Thai food restaurant before having children, there is no reason to stop. Children who are introduced to Thai food (along with any type of food) can learn to enjoy it when they are exposed to different flavors and ethnic cuisines. 

If you are comfortable preparing Thai food at home, this can be a great way to expose your children. The foods prepared at home become normal to kids and they will be more inclined to try new things when they are in the comfort of home. Preparing food together at home and involving them in the process of looking for recipes and shopping for ingredients can help them get more excited about exploring new flavors. 

Ease your child into the new tastes of Asian food. If you are out at your favorite Thai or Asian restaurant, or you have prepared your meal at home, give your child a chance to learn about the tastes of this new flavor palate. Afford your children the same luxury of exploration as you have enjoyed in discovering all the combinations of Thai food, so don’t force them, they will learn to savor it just as you have, over time. Make sure to avoid food with unusual textures or spicy foods, so you do not deter them from wanting to try more. Start off simple with things like fried rice, mango sticky rice, fruit smoothies and other more simple, fun and light Thai foods to get them started.

If you and your children often try new experiences together, they will have a much easier time learning to embrace the differences between Thai food from their traditional diet. Making it a family experience, a special occasion, or something you do together at home will help them see that it is ok to try new things. Sharing this cuisine as well as the culture of Thailand with your children will help them develop a love not only for the food but for Thailand and its people as well. Of course, this is an ideal way to explore all cultures and cuisines …together!

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