Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines in America. And for good reason! It’s complex, delicious, full of vegetables, and has something for everyone.

Lots of popular dishes ordered in America are tasty, but are not necessarily the most traditional. Here’s how to order your Thai food like a real Thai.

Don’t use chopsticks! Noodle dishes can be eaten with chopsticks, as they are descendants of Chinese cuisine. But in Bangkok, Thai food is eaten with a regular fork and spoon.

Every region of Thailand has its own specific cuisine.  n the north and northeast, you’ll find more fermented and pickled foods; Central Thailand is home to the stir-fries (pad Thai, pad see ew) we know and love; and the coastal south often highlights seafood as a main ingredient. So next time you visit us, ask for our specialty!

And don’t forget to order family style! Thai food is best enjoyed when you can eat lots of different dishes. If you only have few people, just order extras for leftovers!