Thailand is full of beautiful places to visit. If you are looking for a more jungle and mountainous location, look to the north of Thailand. If you are dreaming of beautiful waters and relaxing beaches, think southern Thailand. Most flights will land in Bangkok, the capital and then from there head to your desired region of this amazing country.

If you are not sure which places you should visit while in Thailand, here are a few of the most popular places you can check out.

  • Bangkok: Since you will more than likely land here when your plan arrives, take some time to explore this capital city. It is full of culture, food, and amazing sites to see.
  • Chiang Mai: If you are heading to northern Thailand, you won’t want to miss visiting this city. Known as the Thailand cultural hub it will not disappoint in sites, smells, taste, and smiles!
  • Thai Islands: With so many beaches and islands to choose from, you won’t have a shortage of sandy beaches and azure water to relax your days away. Some beaches are known to be more for party goers, others are more for families and relaxation. Still, others are built up and will be more crowded but will have many amenities. It is always advised before planning your trip to check the weather forecast, as the weather can be unpredictable at certain times of the year and more so in some areas than others.

Most tourists are not sure if they are supposed to tip when in Thailand or if this is considered rude. Though it is not expected, it is always appreciated. Rounding up your ticket or leaving some change on the table are customary ways to show your appreciation for a job well done. In more upscale establishments, a larger tip may be more customary.

While visiting Thailand you will see a plethora of  Buddist temples and shrines, since Buddhism is the national religion. As a sign of respect, you should cover your shoulders as well as your legs from the knee up, while visiting any religious site.

We hope these tips help you better enjoy your trip to Thailand. While you are still stateside, come into Thaiphoon @ Pentagon Row in Alexandria, VA and enjoy some authentic Thai food.