Thailand is home to a wide variety of unique types of fruit. Some you may have tried  before, and others you’ll likely only find in a street marketing in Thailand! Keep an eye out for some of these fruits next time you visit an Asian grocery store, or stay tuned to our menu!


Mangos are one of the most well-known fruits from Thailand. When they’re in season, you must try mango sticky-rice made with coconut milk. This sweet dessert will leave you wanting more! You can even just eat fresh mango with a spoon – it is that delicious.


Mangosteen is little known outside of Thailand, and is a strange-looking fruit of round, purple shells with a delicate white flesh. It has a delicious flavor perfect for juicing!


Rambutan’s name comes from the malay word for rambut, meaning hair, because of the fruit’s red and yellow spiky rind. Peel away the rind to discover a firm, white flesh.


Durian may be one of the oddest smelling fruits out there, but its pretty delicious! This unique fruit is also difficult to open up, due to its hard spiky outer skin. Durian is the most expensive of all Thai fruits and is actually banned from some public areas and planes!