Part of the reason Thai food is so delicious is because the Thai people put a big emphasis on food. Much of this country’s traditions revolves around eating.


You can be in Thailand and be eating all day wherever, whenever. Almost a guarantee there will be food within 100 feet of you.


Whenever you meet a Thai person, the first thing they will say is “Gin Khao Yung” meaning – have you eaten yet!


When Thai people eat meals, you do not eat just one dish each. Generally, they have the same number of dishes as people present, especially at restaurants. Thai culture actually treats eating alone as a bad luck gesture! All dishes are shared and enjoyed together,.


Thai people eat hearty breakfasts that include Joke (rice porridge with pork), Kai Jee-o (omelette) and Khao Mun Kai (chicken and rice) are other popular breakfast options.


Also, you might think Thai people eat with chopsticks, but they typically use a fork and a spoon! Sometimes chopsticks will be used to eat noodles, but that is mostly due to Chinese influence over the country.


Thai people are also taught not to leave any rice on the plate. They also have a superstition against stepping on rice, because there is God of rice in every piece.