When it comes to flavor profiles, Thai food is as distinct and polarizing as they come. Spicy, sour, sweet and savory are all in play, and can (and will) be used simultaneously in a single dish. With a vast culinary tradition that varies significantly by region, the country of Thailand produces some of the most fascinating and craving-inducing food on the planet, and the United States’ huge Thai community (and fans of Thai food in general) have been able to sustain delicious Thai restaurants across the country.


There are FIVE main flavors in Thai food:

Sweet – cane and coconut palm sugar

Sour – lime, tamarind, mango, pineapple, and other sour fruits

Spicy – chili peppers, peppercorns

Salty – sea salt, fish sauce

Bitter – bitter melon, and raw leaves from various plants and trees (either wild or cultivated)


Every Thai food needs at least two of the five major flavors to taste right. It’s a yin and yang thing, a sweet and sour balance. Some of these flavors might seem strange if you are new to Thai food, but once you give it a try you will see how tasty it is! Come join us for dinner and experience all five flavors of Thai food. If you’re looking to try something new, let us know and we’ll suggest something surprising.