While our dishes are very authentic, and some recipes come direct from Thailand, there are still differences between the Thai food you’ll find in America, and in Asia. Part of it is due to what ingredients are available here, but there are other reasons you likely aren’t eating the exact same dish.


Portion sizes

In the US, Thai food comes in much larger portions. We serve our food family style, so everyone can share a few dishes. American portion sizes could be 2-3 times what you find in Thailand.


More meat

Thai food in the US is typically more meat-heavy than in Thailand. This is to cater to the American diet.


Less sour

Thai food in Thailand is typically very sour- its one of the pillars of flavor for this cuisine. However, this is not a flavor most Americans are used to, so the sourness is turned down a bit.


Apart from these differences, and a few ingredient switches, many of the dishes you’ll enjoy at Thaiphoon are extremely similar to what you might find in a market in Bangkok! Come dine with us and experience being transported overseas.