Mix it up and try something new next time you visit us for lunch, dinner, or takeout. The cuisine of Thailand is flavorful and diverse, with so many unique dishes that you have to taste to believe! While many items come from the same base of ingredients, a few may surprise you. Here is one of our favorite authentic Thai dishes we recommend, Pa Ram Long Song.


Also known as Praram Long Song, this dish dates to the time of King Rama 5, about 140 years ago. Originally it was made with beef, but now chicken and pork are often used as well. Praram is the name for the God Rama, or King Rama. Long Song translates as “take a shower.”


This dish is found frequently in American Thai restaurants, and in Thailand is well. This is because it features peanut sauce, a popular ingredient in America.


Pa Ram Long Song is made of sauteed chicken in a light yellow curry sauce on a bed of steamed napa cabbage, carrot + broccoli topped with peanut sauce.


All the vegetables in this dish make it a healthy choice for those looking to eat more nutrients! While it is delicious with rice, you can eat it on its own for a low-carb option.