Have you ever gone to a Thai food restaurant and wondered what the little pepper images were for next to some of the dishes? These are used by some places to indicate the level of heat in a dish, also known as the Thai Food Spice Scale. It indicates how many peppers were used in the meal preparation. We explain further here;

0–1, Mild

Most restaurants will use a scale of 0 through 5 to indicate the level of spice used in a meal. Most western diners will prefer between a zero and one. Zero being no heat at all, one being a generally manageable level of heat. If you like a little spice but can’t stand heat, start with a one and you can always move up the scale.

2–3, Medium

For a moderately hot meal choosing a two will provide a delicious meal with just the right amount of kick. Moving up to a three can often give far more heat that people expect. If you are not a fan of hot foods, choose a three carefully.

4–5, Hot

These last two are what you would call- HOT! A four is usually too hot for most American adults to handle. Level five, also known as “Thai Hot” is the standard level of spice used in authentic Thai food and what the locals consider everyday spice. If you dare to taste “Thai Hot” you may not be tasting anything else for a few days while your taste buds recover.

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