Is there anything better than enjoy dinner and drinks outside on a warm summer night? Our patio is perfect for a leisurely meal with friends, either lunch or dinner. Sometimes you can even hear live music being played on the Row!


Here are some great drinks and dishes to enjoy on a summer evening:


Thai Iced Tea

For a non-alcoholic option, this cool and refreshing drink is always tasty and perfect at the end of a hot day.


White Sangria

Fruity and refreshing, sip on a glass with friends!


Lychee Martini

Fun, fruity, and delicious, it’ll cool off even the hottest nights.


Chicken Satay

The perfect appetizer to try with a big group. It’s simple and tasty, and not too heavy.



Ginger Perfect

Ginger, onion, scallions + shiitake, sautéed in a soy bean sauce. Made with your choice of chicken, beef or pork.


Pad See Ew

Also with your choice of chicken, beef or pork. The crisp veggies stir-fried together with tender beef and shrimp in a in a mild, slightly sweet, garlicy sauce is the perfect combination to set your taste buds off.




A curry might not seem like your first choice on a hot night, but you can sweat it all out and enjoy your evening! All of our curries are tasty and customizable to your palette.