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If you are visiting Bangkok, the must-see stop on your trip is the Wat Phra Kaew. Of course, there are many, many more temples in Bangkok that are worth visiting as well, if you are short on time, this is one you do not want to miss. Over the next few posts, we will be […]

Fun And Interesting Facts About Thailand

July 2 , 2019 | | In: Uncategorized

Thailand is an amazing country filled with wonderful people, delicious food, gorgeous beaches, and is a must-see for everyone at least once in their life. Before you purchase your ticket and pack your bags, check out a few more interesting facts about the “Land of The Free”.  Did you know that Bangkok, Thailand is the […]

Helpful Travel Tips To Thailand

June 18 , 2019 | | In: Uncategorized

Thailand is full of beautiful places to visit. If you are looking for a more jungle and mountainous location, look to the north of Thailand. If you are dreaming of beautiful waters and relaxing beaches, think southern Thailand. Most flights will land in Bangkok, the capital and then from there head to your desired region […]

Health Benefits of Turmeric

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Turmeric is a vibrant yellow/orange spice often found in Thai dishes as well as around the world. However, it is far more important than just delivering delicious peppery flavor to your favorite curry. Countless research projects have proven its amazing health benefits such as its antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It […]

What Are The Floating Markets of Thailand?

May 19 , 2019 | | In: Uncategorized

A day at a floating market in Thailand will leave those unfamiliar with this lifestyle feeling that they are in a different world. Thin canals crammed with local friendly vendors speaking in Thai, selling a wide variety of food and goods from their boats is a sight that must be seen when visiting Thailand. Though […]

Thailand is known for its amazing sights, people and food. Just as tantalizing to your taste buds are the endless menu of drinks available in the “Land of Smiles”. Next time you are visiting Thailand, give one of these delicious beverages a sample. Cha Yen Thai Iced Tea (Cha Yen) is one of the most […]

The Amazing Health Benefits of Lemongrass

April 17 , 2019 | | In: Uncategorized

Thai food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world due to the wide variety of herbs and spices that are used and the way in which the food is prepared. One of the many flavors used in Thai food is the uniquely sweet smelling lemongrass. It is believed to have many medicinal […]

5 Health Benefits of Galangal You May Not Know

March 31 , 2019 | | In: Uncategorized

In today’s world, we are always looking for new ways to add healthy food or supplements to our lives. One herb that is frequently used in Thai food and has a wealth of added health benefits is Galangal. It is known to be bitter, often described as having an earthy/citrus flavor with a kick, and […]

Best Traditional Street Food in Thailand

March 15 , 2019 | | In: Uncategorized

If you have ever visited Thailand, you know how much the locals love their street food, as do the tourists. Finding the balance of the 4 main flavors Thai food is so well known for; salty, sweet, sour, spicy, is the goal of every Thai food chef, but the street vendors offer a totally different […]

5 Amazing Things To See and Do in Thailand

March 1 , 2019 | | In: Uncategorized

If you are planning a trip to Thailand, there is far more to see then you can ever expect to enjoy during a single trip to Thailand. With all the sights, smiles and scents, it is has something for every sense. Here are 5 things you should not miss out on experiencing when you visit […]