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Food Culture in Thailand

October 12 , 2017 | | In: Uncategorized

Part of the reason Thai food is so delicious is because the Thai people put a big emphasis on food. Much of this country’s traditions revolves around eating.   You can be in Thailand and be eating all day wherever, whenever. Almost a guarantee there will be food within 100 feet of you.   Whenever […]

More Facts AboutThai food

September 29 , 2017 | | In: Uncategorized

Thai food is internationally famous both for its taste and aesthetics. Whether hot chili spiced or bland, harmony between ingredients and tastes is the guiding principle behind each Thai food dish. Thai cuisine is a rich fusion of centuries-old Eastern and Western influences harmoniously combined into something uniquely and deliciously Thai. Perhaps the most famous […]

Thai Food Facts

September 14 , 2017 | | In: Uncategorized

Thai Food is one of the most unique cuisines in the world. It uses ingredients and techniques you won’t find anywhere else. That’s why it’s so delicious! These are some facts about Thai food you might not know: Nothing is baked Good luck finding a baked pastry in Thailand! Fried and grilled foods are the […]

Thai Rice 101

August 16 , 2017 | | In: Uncategorized

Did you know that Thailand has some 3,500 varieties of rice both wild and cultivated? Plus, there are as many as 120,000 varieties, both wild and cultivated, worldwide! Each part of Thailand has a different variety of rice that grows more prominently and is more popular for consumption. For instance, in the mountainous north, the monsoon rains come […]

World’s Best Foods – Thai is Top!

July 25 , 2017 | | In: Uncategorized

  It’s official – the world loves Thai food! CNN Travel have listed seven Thai dishes among the World’s 50 Best Foods on its Facebook poll.   The seven Thai dishes in the list are Tom Yum Kung in fourth place, Phat Thai (fifth), Som Tam Papaya Salad (sixth), Massaman Curry (10th), Green Curry (19th), Chicken Fried Rice (24th) and Mu Nam Tok or spicy minced […]

Come Enjoy our Patio!

July 11 , 2017 | | In: Uncategorized

Is there anything better than enjoy dinner and drinks outside on a warm summer night? Our patio is perfect for a leisurely meal with friends, either lunch or dinner. Sometimes you can even hear live music being played on the Row!   Here are some great drinks and dishes to enjoy on a summer evening: […]

Origin of Thai Food in America

June 9 , 2017 | | In: Uncategorized

Did you know? The first ever Thai restaurant in the United States wasn’t on the coasts. It was actually in Denver! Denver’s Chada Thai is known as the first Thai restaurant in the U.S. It was opened in 1959. “Some of the Thais in Denver said it would be a big mistake, that Americans don’t […]

Thailand should be on everyone’s bucket list, but the best reason to visit is not for the beaches or the temples. The best reason to travel to Thailand is for the food.   There are so many more unique and interesting dishes beyond the basic Pad Thai that everyone is familiar with. When you visit this […]

Thai food uses a variety of unique flavors, plants, and spices that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some of the most common ones.   Chilies: More than 10 types of chilies are used in Thai cooking. They vary in size and color, but all are used for spicy flavoring and decoration. They are […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting Thailand

April 21 , 2017 | | In: Uncategorized

Thailand is an incredible country to visit. The scenery, the culture, the people, and not to mention the food! It’s a bucket-list destination you’ve got to check out. But before you visit, check out our tips to avoid any cultural mistakes while visiting Thailand.   Approach temples with respect With their ornate details and ribbons […]