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Best Traditional Street Food in Thailand

March 15 , 2019 | | In: Uncategorized

If you have ever visited Thailand, you know how much the locals love their street food, as do the tourists. Finding the balance of the 4 main flavors Thai food is so well known for; salty, sweet, sour, spicy, is the goal of every Thai food chef, but the street vendors offer a totally different […]

5 Amazing Things To See and Do in Thailand

March 1 , 2019 | | In: Uncategorized

If you are planning a trip to Thailand, there is far more to see then you can ever expect to enjoy during a single trip to Thailand. With all the sights, smiles and scents, it is has something for every sense. Here are 5 things you should not miss out on experiencing when you visit […]

Thai Food: The Most Popular Health Food

February 16 , 2019 | | In: Uncategorized

One of the more popular foods here in America and around the world is Thai food. With its delicious blends of spices and flavors, as well as it’s health benefits, there is no wonder it is such a desirable dining choice. It’s influenced by its neighboring countries of China and India, but it has a […]

Most Americans who enjoy eating Thai food may not be aware that not all Thai dishes at their favorite restaurant here in the states is available throughout Thailand. Thai cuisine is actually specific to different regions of the country: Southern, Central, Northeastern (or Isan) and Northern. While the cuisine from each region will share some […]

If you are new to Thai food, you may be wondering what the difference is between the different colored curries (Red, Yellow and Green) that are in many of the dishes. We are going to explain this to you so you can choose the one you think would best suit your taste buds and tolerance […]

3 Family-Friendly Destinations To See in Thailand

December 29 , 2018 | | In: Uncategorized

Thailand is a great place to take the whole family to explore the beaches, exquisite nature, exciting adventures, thrilling attractions, and the dynamic and friendly culture. We have selected 3 ideal places to take your whole family and escape the stress of every day. Phuket Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and is full of fun […]

Vegan Choices For Thai Food

December 19 , 2018 | | In: Uncategorized

If you are vegan, do not think that you can not enjoy some delicious Thai food. By modifying the protein in the dish to Tofu, or substituting certain sauces that contain fish as a base, you can still enjoy the delicious spice and flavor of Thai food. Most dishes are loaded with veggies, rice or […]

We Love Our Customers And It Shows!

November 25 , 2018 | | In: Uncategorized

Every now and then we like to gather some of our recent reviews here on our blog for those who have not visited Thaiphoon yet to see what others think of us. We compile reviews from Facebook, Yelp, and Google. Here are some of our favorites! Check them out then come out and visit us yourself! […]

Choosing Healthy and Delicious Thai Food

November 14 , 2018 | | In: Uncategorized

Thai food is extremely delicious. It is filled with tantalizing flavors and aromas that dance on each taste bud long after the meal is consumed. It is also a healthy option that has a high nutritional content without a lot of calories. From noodles which can be stir-fried with delicious herbs, lean protein, and veggies, […]

Surprising Facts About Thailand You May Not Know

October 28 , 2018 | | In: Uncategorized

Thailand is a beautiful country rich in tradition, nature, food, and culture. It is also not as well known as some other Asian countries. We would like to share some interesting facts about Thailand that you may not know. Did you know that Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles”? It may be because […]