Thai food is popular here in America though our version here can be very different from what you will find in Thailand. Here are a few things you may not know about it. 

There is no difference in meals throughout the day.

Unlike here in America where there are specific dishes for each meal during the day, like an omelette for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and a casserole for dinner, in Thailand there is no such differentiation. Thai dishes are served at any time of day.

Sugar is in Almost Everything

The fact that Thai food combines the flavors of salty, sour, sweet, and spicy is one of the reason it is so popular. If you have cut sugar out of your diet completely, or just watching your calories, don’t be surprised that most Thai dishes have sugar added to them. These perfect meals combine all these flavors which can be heaven to your taste buds but if you have banned sugar in your diet, you may want to think twice.

Spice is Nice, But Not In Everything

While there are many Thai dishes that can be very spicy, not all of them are. Thai food is just as delicious without the heat. Our menu offers several that are low on heat but high in flavor.

Thai Dishes Are Specific To Regions 

When you are traveling through Thailand you will soon discover that food is very region specific. You may find dishes you enjoy in one part but are not found in another. The same food is not prepared throughout the country.

Baking Is Not Common

Baked goods in Thailand are hard to find, if any at all. This country delivers a wide variety of fried and grilled cuisine but not baked. Skip the bread and enjoy a fried spring roll or one of the many grilled meats Thai food offers.

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