Whether you are a frequent traveler to Thailand, planning your first getaway, or plan on staying stateside but just love Thai food, we have gathered some quick and interesting facts about Thai food. Read on to learn more.

Fact #1: Food matters to Thai people

Not just a little either, it matters a lot! It is not uncommon to be greeted by a Thai person with “Have you eaten?” Eating is not just for sustenance in Thailand, it is a way to spend time with family and friends, celebrate life’s moments and bond together. Typically everyone gathers at a large table and everyone shares their meal so everyone can enjoy all the tastes and flavors together. Since it is a sign of bad luck, rarely will you see anyone dine alone in Thailand.

Fact #2: Always respect seniority

Just like other Asian countries, social status and age matter. Usually, meals will be organized by either the highest-ranking person or the eldest and will also choose their seats before everyone else. It is a sign of respect to wait for them to begin to eat first or offer a signal to begin the meal. 

Fact #3: Few Thais cook at home

Although unusual to us here in America, in Thailand, most people do not cook at home due to long hours at work and small home kitchens, often not equipped with ovens. They opt for gathering at local restaurants or pick up something from a street food stall. 

Fact #4: It’s actually cheaper to eat out in Thailand

In Thailand, eating at local restaurants and street food stalls is actually more cost-effective than to grocery shop and cook at home. The typical street food can be purchased for 30.58 Thai Baht ($1 USD). Also, since they do not like to eat alone, gathering with friends and family makes the meal far more enjoyable. 

Fact #5: Not all Thai food is spicy

Although Thai food is known for its spice, not all dishes are spicy. If you do not like spicy food, the menu will indicate the spice level and the waiters can also guide you to select a dish that will complement your tastebuds. 

So, gather your friends and family and come into Thaiphoon to enjoy our authentic Thai food today in Alexandria, VA. Whether you like it spicy, or mild, we have something for everyone.