Thailand should be on everyone’s bucket list, but the best reason to visit is not for the beaches or the temples. The best reason to travel to Thailand is for the food.


There are so many more unique and interesting dishes beyond the basic Pad Thai that everyone is familiar with. When you visit this beautiful country, be sure and try these 5 unique dishes:


Khao Soi

Found in Northern regions of Thailand.

It is a Muslim influenced dish with a lot of delicious spices and coconut cream as well as tan from pickled mustard greens. This dish is best with beef and lamb!

Nam Phrik Kapi

Found in Central Plain areas of Thailand.

This is what a Thai meal should be revolve around. It is a dip with fermented shrimp paste and chilis. It is so essential to Thai food and is a foundation of many other Thai dishes. The seasonal green that served with it can also be very tasty!

Boat Noodles

Found in the Patumthani area of Thailand.

Move over Pad Thai! It’s Time to Visit the Boat Noodle stores. The boat noodle used to be sold in boats. It is made of braised pork or beef soup full of herbs, spices and of course, noodles! Blood also add to the soap to create a nice body to the soup, so this dish may only be for the brave.

Laab (Raw minced Beef Salad)

Found in Northern Thailand.

This raw minced beef is a tartare of Thailand with wild spices and loads of native fresh herb.

Rice noodles with Southern curry:

Found in Southern Thailand

Also known by it’s Thai name, Kanom jeen na yaa tai. This dish is composed of rice noodles; fresh or fermented, with super spicy southern curry. It is extremely spicy, so be warned! You will find this dish with boiled egg at every shop, with assorted local greens.