If you are planning a trip to Thailand, there is far more to see then you can ever expect to enjoy during a single trip to Thailand. With all the sights, smiles and scents, it is has something for every sense. Here are 5 things you should not miss out on experiencing when you visit Thailand.

#1: Enjoy the amazing street food

One of the things you will notice immediately is that dining is often done on the streets in Thailand. Some of the best foods are found in roadside stalls. From spicy tom yum soups to galangal, your tastebuds will be grateful that you stopped and dined.

#2: Delight in the pink lakes

If you will be traveling through Thailand in November through February, you will not want to miss the Red Lotus Lake in Udon Thani when the water lilies bloom their astonishing shades of red. Pink water lilies bloom on the lakes throughout the country but the crimson red of the Red Lotus Lake is unmatched, and don’t forget to take the scenic boat tour as well.

#3. Plentiful Buddhas

Buddhas come in all shapes and sizes and can be seen all throughout Thailand. From temples to gift shops, you will be able to appreciate their splendor and impressive decor.

#4: Amazing encounters with elephants

While in Thailand, you won’t be able to ride upon an elephant but there are places, such as Elephant Hills in Khao Sok, that will allow you to wash them and enjoy these magnificent and gentle animals in an ethical and humane way.

#5. Enjoy a picnic high in a bird’s nest

On the island of Koh Kood, you can enjoy the most uplifting dining experience while suspended 15 feet up within the treetops in a bird’s nest replica dining pod. This memorable experience is something you do not want to miss! It gives a whole new meaning to enjoy “high tea”.

There are so many wonderful places to explore while in Thailand, as well as a wealth of cuisine to indulge in as you travel through the regions. Before you pack your bags and embark on your journey, stop by Thaiphoon @ Pentagon Row to savor the authentic taste of Thailand here in Arlington, VA or call 703-413-8200 for an order to go.