Thailand is known for its amazing sights, people and food. Just as tantalizing to your taste buds are the endless menu of drinks available in the “Land of Smiles”. Next time you are visiting Thailand, give one of these delicious beverages a sample.

Cha Yen
Thai Iced Tea (Cha Yen) is one of the most popular drinks in Thailand and is a delicious blend of tea leaves and condensed milk. A beautiful orange, sweet, milky mixture enjoyed cold or hot and available in both street carts and restaurants in Thailand.

Oliang (Thai iced coffee) is similar to Americano but unique in its own way. Oliang is a mix of coffee, and, depending on the recipe used, roasted rice & caramel which is then roasted with coffee beans. After brewing the hot black coffee, sugar and ice are added to enjoy this delicious coffee cold. If you prefer a more milky flavor, you can add milk to Oliang which creates an ancient coffee called “Cafe Boran”.

Thai Beer
If you have never tried Singha and Chang, you have missed these tasty and budget-friendly beers. Singha is a rich bodied, 100% barley malt beer with a noticeably strong flavor and is more bitter compared to Chang which is a 100% malt beer and has a lighter flavor and is only 5% alcohol by volume.

Thai Whiskey
Who knew Thailand was famous for whiskey? The two most popular brands are Mekhong and Sangsom, low on price but not on flavor! These whiskeys consist of 95% sugarcane & molasses, as well as 5% of rice. These whiskeys are actually more like rum but are still considered whiskey.

If you find yourself in Thailand, make sure you take the time to enjoy one or all of these delicious drinks. If you are in the Arlington, VA area, stop by Thaiphoon @ Pentagon Row to indulge in one of these fine Thai beverages along with one of our authentic Thai meals. We think you will find that they complement each other very well when served by our friendly staff.